the Elemental Court

Worship of the Elemental Court originated with the faeries when they first awoke during the Age of Ash. Believing that the forces that make up the world are simply a mixture of eight essential elements – Life, Death, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire – most worshipers of the Elemental Court simply seek balance in their lives since the world works best when these elements are at peace with one another. This is the origin of the faeries hatred of the Dead, who for the faeries and other followers of the elemental court represent a world out of balance.

Within this balance of the natural world, each of the major races of the Dust are considered the embodiment of one of the twenty-six divisions of the elemental wheel, and the progenitor or patron gods of these races are seen as avatars or attendants to the six elemental lords (descriptions of these may be found under the relevant elemental lord or lady). This means that each race has an especial connection to their element or elements and may learn to empower themselves accordingly (see elemental bloodline feats for more information). However, even among the priesthood of Chac, the elemental Lord of Air, there is known to be a single gap in the wheel: the combination of the principles of Death and Air. It is possible that there is an as-yet unknown race that populates the Dust that holds this place. For now, it remains a mystery.

It is also important to remember that the Dead God is considered a member of the Elemental Court. There are priests of the Dead God who are not connected the First Church, but are elemental worshipers of the principle of Death. They are accorded the same respect as any other part of the Elemental Court. Likewise, the Incepti are also considered a part of the Elemental Court, attendants of Xsha, the Emperor of Fire and Mother. As a result, Elementalists tend to be very tolerant of worshipers of these faiths, seeing them as facets of the great wheel. That these other faiths deny this connection is inconsequential to Elementalists, who simply assume that these denials are the product of a lack of clarity of understanding. Understandably, some might see this as condescending, depending on the presentation.

The Lords and Ladies of the Elemental Court







the Elemental Court

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