The majority religion in the Age of the Phoenix is a largely heinotheistic affair based around the six deities of the Fey Elemental Court. Interestingly, one of these gods is not a god of the faeries, but of the humansthe Dead God – who for the faeries represents the opposing force to the life goddess they call Mother. These six gods are revered widely among all of the races of the Dust. They consider the Incepti to be avatars of the Elemental Court.

However, the Church of the Dead God is a monotheistic faith. They recognize neither the Elemental Court nor the Incepti, the forged god. They deny the existence of these gods and the most tolerant regard their worshipers as misguided, the least as dangerous heretics. They even deny the magic that is wielded by the divine spellcasters of these faiths, claiming it to be pure charlatanry or simply arcane magic disguised as divine.

Followers of the Incepti, almost exclusively forged, follow their own pantheon, though they do not deny the others. However, they do see them as being entirely unique from the Elemental Court representing what they feel are uniquely forged aspects of existence.

the Dead God

the Elemental Court

the Incepti


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